Put Seanic Ocean Systems between your ROV and the toughest deepwater challenges.

Who We Are

From initial concept development to the final factory acceptance test, Seanic Ocean Systems delivers quality that lasts. Our experience, design expertise and understanding of deep and shallow water operations allow us to provide you with a dependable product that delivers results that meet your expectations every time.

Seanic’s high-caliber engineering and development of custom intervention products will power the success of your ROV as it faces project challenges. Our real-world experience can help you merge cost effectiveness and efficiency into the ROV tooling package that best suits your project needs. We also offer standard product lines that are immediately available for rent or purchase.

What We Do

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Seanic Ocean Systems can provide customers with a fully integrated service, designed to support the needs of the major oil operators and service companies in complex subsea operations.

Our core products include ROV tooling packages, diver tools, cutting and decommissioning equipment, deck cranes, winches, power packs, tensioners, spoolers, survey and deployment equipment and associated ancillaries. We build products that ROVs use to interface with subsea hardware. We sell and rent a number of standardised industry products, develop customized engineered tooling solutions for unique and unforeseen problems, manage field services and operations, oversee IMR programs and offer storage and integration of customer products.


  • Engineered Solutions
  • ROV & Diver Tooling
  • Equipment storage
  • Advanced Testing facilities
  • Enhanced Welding Capabilities
  • Deck equipment
  • Cutting & Shearing
  • Design & manufacture
  • Spooling equipment & services
  • Decommissioning equipment
  • Cutting equipment
  • Equipment refurbishment services

We are committed to safety.

We believe that all incidents are preventable and that safety is everyone’s responsibility. With industry-tested processes, Seanic Ocean Systems has developed a safety-centric culture that permeates all levels of our organization.