Zero Leak Hot Stabs

Zero Leak Hot Stabs Zero Leak Hot Stabs

Seanic is pleased to offer a Zero Leak Hot Stab. In an effort to show environmental responsibility several major operators have requested the Zero Leak Hot Stab which allows them to comply with their “no spill” policies when using ROV’s. Traditional hot stabs often leak small amounts of oil into the environment when removed subsea and also increase the potential to contaminate the ROV’s hydraulic system with seawater which can and will destroy sensitive hydraulic equipment over time. The Zero Leak Hot Stab has been designed with a flush faced seal connection which eliminates the possibility for a spill and at the same time protects the ROV’s Hydraulics system. This simple, rugged and reliable design makes the Zero Leak Hot Stab a robust ROV friendly interface while eliminating unnecessary spills in the field.



  • Male stab assembly: Two (2) 1/4” Male JIC hydraulic fluid ports
  • Female manifold assembly: Two (2) 1/4” Female NPTF hydraulic fluid ports

Maximum connection pressure:

  • 363 psi

Maximum operating pressure:

  • 3,000 psi

Approx. Insert & Removal Force:

  • 60 lbs


  • Hot Stab
    • In Air: 10 lbs
    • In Water: 9 lbs
  • Manifold
    • In Air: 6 lbs
    • In Water: 5 lbs


  • 316 ss
  • UHMW
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