Subsea Verification Unit

Subsea Verification Unit Subsea Verification Unit

Seanic Ocean Systems has engineered, built and deployed a subsea verification unit that verifies torque readings of an API Class 1-4 torque tool at depth. The Subsea Verification Unit readily attaches to the ROV cage or TMS to provide a reliable assessment of changes in torque output when adjustments are made, without the need to return to the surface.

Our verification unit boasts a two-in-one functionality, as it can additionally be used to verify torque adjustments on the surface in place of a normal torque tool test jig. Because it is a purely mechanical piece of equipment, our subsea verification unit has no electronics to fail, batteries to die, wires to break or electrical housings to flood. This simple, rugged design ensures reliable performance in even the most adverse subsea conditions.

Two types are currently in stock, with either one or two torque measurement gauges. The latter features a valve that can be turned by an ROV in order to activate both gauges. Both units feature an API standard friendly interface for Class 1-4 torque tool compatibility.

  • 316L SS
  • Ni Al Brz
  • 17-4 SS
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