ROV Shackles

ROV Shackles ROV Shackles

Seanic Ocean Systems designs and manufactures a hydraulic ROV shackle for the purpose of lowering or lifting heavy equipment to or from the sea floor without cutting lifting wires.

Our ROV shackles are custom-engineered according to customer specifications, and we have the ability to adapt any shackle to make it ROV-friendly. ROV shackles adhere to DZ 2.7-1 standards to ensure compatibility for your subsea needs.

Constructed from an alloy steel and designed for simple operation through the use of an ROV manipulator, this tool enables an ROV to make or break shackle connections hydraulically when adding subsea hardware to a field, landing manifold or other subsea construction. Seanic’s shackles are built with a mechanical override capacity, in order to make or break shackles without the need for hydraulic power.



  • 120T - 360 lbs. in air / 311 lbs. in water
  • 200T - 984 lbs. in air / 910 lbs. in water
  • 400T - 1282 lbs. in air / 1102 lbs. in water


  • 120T - 50" x 14" x 25"
  • 200T - 64" x 14" x 30"
  • 400T - 74" x 19" x 36"


  • Alloy Steel
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