Mag Drill

Mag Drill Mag Drill

Seanic Ocean Systems designs and manufactures a Mag Drill that allows an ROV to attach a drill to any metallic subsea surface to cut holes of varying diameters.

The drill is mounted to the metallic work site by energizing a lifting magnet using a hydraulic cylinder as the actuator. The powerful magnet holds the drill in place to perform precise cuts for the purposes of decommissioning, salvage, pinning, flooding or venting. Our Mag Drill is rated for 10,000 FSW and can easily cut holes into any flat or round steel structure with an annular cutter of up to 6 inches in diameter, at various depths-of-cut.

This tool is custom engineered and built to meet customer specifications, and can be customized according to hole diameter and drill depth to suit project needs.



  • 201lbs (91kg) air
  • 171lbs (77kg) water


  •  6”(150mm) (3/4” shank)maximum diameter annular cutter
  • Accepts 1”, 2” or 3” depth-of-cut annular cutter bits
  • 4-1/4” maximum cutter travel


  • Requires three (3) open centered directional control valves (4 required if using optional Slug Ejector function)
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