Intervention Panels

Intervention Panels Intervention Panels

Seanic Ocean Systems has years of proven expertise in the design and manufacturing of customized subsea ROV intervention panels to meet our customers’ varied subsea needs.

Seanic intervention panels can be precision-cut to any size from either corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel or carbon steel, and painted with a three-part epoxy process designed to withstand long-term operation at depth. Customized labels and customer logos can be water-jetted into the intervention panels. This ensures that labels and logos cannot be removed or defaced, even through exposure to the elements of the harsh subsea environment.


Our custom panels can be constructed to adapt to any application and outfitted with a wide assortment of ROV tooling, including hot stabs, paddle valves, ROV torque receptacles, ball valve actuators, gauges and gauge protectors. All panels and associated components are constructed to conform to API standards, ensuring guaranteed compatibility with your ROV.

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