Hub Cleaning Tool

Hub Cleaning Tool Hub Cleaning Tool

Seanic Ocean Systems has created a specially designed tool for the removal of fouling and marine growth from wellhead sealing surfaces prior to AX/VX gasket installation. This tool creates a clean and polished sealing surface to allow a gasket to attain a reliable seal, minimizing operational risks.

A valuable instrument for subsea construction or drilling work, the hub cleaning tool features no bolts or pieces that could potentially fall into the wellhead, eliminating the risk of costly damage and retrieval efforts. The hub cleaning tool can be manipulator-driven or built for hydraulic operation, and is available to fit all API standard or other customer-requested hub sizes.

Our hub cleaning tool can be built with a scrubbing surface of either pads or brushes, and can be outfitted to inject chemicals into the cleaning surface to further break up tough marine deposits.



  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze
  • Delrin


  • 92 lbs Air
  • 56 lbs Wet


  • 24.5” W x 18” H
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