Class 5 Torque Adapter

Class 5 Torque Adapter Class 5 Torque Adapter
Seanic has designed and manufactured an API 17D Class IV to API 17D Class V torque adapter for use in all standard Class V interfaces. The tool can be purchased with or without a spring loaded end effector and in latching or non latching configurations. Using a Class IV and Class V tool on the same dive is very common. The real beauty of a Class V adapter is that only a single hydraulic connection is required which allows the class V tool to be left in place while other Class IV duties are being performed.
  • Aluminum Housings
  • Steel Gear Reduction
  • 17-4 SSTL Location Fins
  • 17-4 SSTL End Effectors
  • Delrin Nose
  • 316 SSTL ROV Handle
  • 316 SSTL Hardware

Torque Range:

  • 2000 ft-lbs – 5000 ft-lbs

Maximum Torque:

  • 5000 ft-lbs continuous


  • 215lbs air (98 kg) and 170lbs water (77kg)
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