Brushing Tool

Brushing Tool Brushing Tool

Seanic Ocean Systems has designed a powerful brushing tool that cuts through tough marine growth on jacket legs, wellheads and other structures to allow for improved inspection, cutting, or attachment to subsea structures. The hydraulic-driven rotary brush, held by the ROV manipulator, safely and efficiently cleans growth and accumulated debris on subsea structures. The brush operates to a working depth of 10,000 FSW.

Our custom engineered brushing tool features removable individual bristle pods, eliminating the need to replace the entire brush head when exhausted bristles begin to show signs of wear. The tool can be outfitted with a reservoir and pump to inject citric acid onto the cleaning site through the brush head, ensuring thorough removal of stubborn calcium growth and marine debris.

Our standard 18 ¾-inch cleaning tool can be customized to any dimensions to meet your subsea project demands.



  • 42 lbs in air
  • 33 lbs in water


  • 38 in x 38 in x 16 in

Hydraulic Requirements:

  • 9 gpm @ 2,000 psi


  • 6061 T-6 Aluminum
  • 316 ss
  • Ampco 45 Ni-Al-Brz
  • Carbon steel (motor)
  • Polypropylene

Working Depth:

  • 10,000 FSW
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