AXVX Gasket Removal/Install Tool

AXVX Gasket Removal/Install Tool AXVX Gasket Removal/Install Tool

Seanic Ocean Systems has designed and manufactured a variety of ring gasket removal and installation tooling that boasts a rugged yet lightweight design to perform under the formidable conditions of the deep sea environment.

Our gasket removal and installation tool, designed to be positioned by the ROV manipulator, efficiently and reliably replaces standard 18 ¾-inch AX and VX style gaskets. This tool can be manufactured as needed to accommodate a variety of industry standard or custom gasket sizes. In addition to the standard configurations currently in stock, we have engineered and manufactured custom Max-6 and Max-14 gasket removal and replacement tool designs that require side entry to the ROV.

The tool is manufactured using 100% stainless steel, ensuring resistance to corrosion damage and years of dependable subsea operation. All of our designs are compliant with API standards to guarantee compatibility with your ROV.

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