API 17H Hi Torque Tool

API 17H Hi Torque Tool API 17H Hi Torque Tool

Seanic Ocean Systems has designed an API 17H and ISO 13628-8 compliant hi-torque tool to reliably perform a multitude of subsea applications. The hi-torque tool is useful in installing umbilicals and flying leads, opening and closing valves on a Christmas tree, and conjunction with Tool Deployment Units (TDUs).

Our tool has a removable and exchangeable 17H Class-4 nose that can also be attached to Seanic’s Smart Torque Tool , for a convenient two-in-one functionality. A mechanical turn counter, which needs no battery and features highly visible numbers for easy monitoring, eliminates the inherent problems commonly associated with electronic digital counters.


  • Mechanical-No battery
  • Displays in tenths
  • Highly visible numbers
  • Oil filled housing and independently sealed


  • Air- 72lbs (33 KG)
  • Water- 55lbs (25 KG)
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