4 inch Dredge Kit

4 inch Dredge Kit 4 inch Dredge Kit

The most powerful 4 inch ROV and diver dredge in the world is available for rent nowthrough our rental partner Ashtead Technology. The Vortex has a removal rateperformance more commonly seen in the 6 inch dredges. Vortex do not supply dredges asa combination jetter/dredge unit, with the belief that it is better to create the most powerfulinlet suction and combine that with an actual high pressure jetter unit.

The low hydraulic consumption leaves enough hydraulic supply on most ROV’s to utilize apurpose built jetter unit for effective soil breakup.

Environmental concerns are addressed through high efficiency, low energy demandhydraulic system negating the need for external compensators.


  • Completely modular system with manyinstallation options for a variety of ROV’s
  • Comprehensive list of components andspares in one kit to reduce down time
  • True 4 inch performance with minimum3.89” internal diameter to reduceblockages
  • Operates on lower hydraulic flow


  • Salvage and marine science operations
  • Work class ROV construction and drillsupport
  • Relocation of drill cutting, mud, silt,sand, and rocks
  • ROV and diver operated
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