10k / 15K Multipurpose Pumps

Seanic’s multipurpose pumping system has a 3.8:1 ratio and is capable of pumping fluids to a working pressure of 10,000 psi. This unique pump has the ability to pump a multitude of fluids and can be used for methanol service with no risk of cross contaminating the ROV’s supply oil. The pump is ideally suite for hydrate remediation work as it can draw a powerful 22 inHG vacuum. The pump is rated for use in 10,000 FSW and is made of corrosion resistant materials making it robust and reliable for subsea use. The pump can be delivered with a variety of different reservoirs and directional control valves rated for 10k service.


  • 78lbs (35kg) air
  • 60lbs (27kg) water


  • 316 SS Housings
  • NiAl Bronze Piston
  • SS Fittings


  • 36"L X 6"W X 8"H

Working Depth:

  • 10,000 FSW


  • 22 inHg
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