Electric Smart Torque Tool API 17H Class 1-4

  • Torque Tools

Seanic has designed an Electric Smart Torque Tool in the tradition of providing our customers a simple, rugged and reliable product. The tool has a closed loop speed/position control system, allowing ne control and angular position feedback. Real-time torque limiting gives very accurate torque feedback and control. The tool is ideally suited for both subsea and surface applications requiring up to 2000 ft-lbs of torque. As it does not require an HPU for operation, surface testing in the yard or shop environment is easily accomplished. Torque is measured by internal feedback with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

  • Calibrated strain gauge feedback within +/-2%
  • Input current limiting and alarming
  • Optional communication (isolated RS232, Ethernet)
  • Turns counter, torque output, shaft position displayed topside
  • Speed limiting alarming
  • Resolver-based turns counter accurate to less than 1/10th degree of a revolution
Max Torque Output2000 ft lbs
Length25 inches
Max Speed15 rpm
Power120 VAC at 12.5 A max
Weight (air)120 lbs
Max Speed15 rpm
Motor ControlsStart/stop, Direction, Speed, Torque Control
Fully Automated Hydraulic- Actuated LatchesLatches disengage when power is lost. Same proven latch design as standard Seanic torque tools. Internal electric-driven HPU circuit provides hydraulic power and control
Torque Limiting & AlarmingTorque limited by closed loop motor current and strain gauge feedback. Safe Torque Off feature (torque output is immediately disengaged if limit is met)
125:1 Torque MultiplierNo changes in accuracy or performance due to pressure and temp changes. Single 3/4" hose houses and protects the cable assembly, replacing multiple hydraulic hoses. Dynamic subsea test jig designed specifically for ETT use available as option