Intelligent Valve Pack

  • Torque Tools

Seanic Intelligent Valve Packs can be configured to meet many requirements. The pack is designed and built to operate our Smart Torque Tool but can also be configured for other tooling requirements including FLOT's and custom multi-function tools. Standard design allows for scaling of valve size and type providing simple rugged function while maintaining compact and light weight form. Closed or open loop control, data logging and custom control interfaces are all available options that can be added to the system. Graphical User Interface design can be customized for a wide range of applications.

  • Can be configured to meet many requirements
  • Can be configured for other tooling requirements

What's In The Box

  • Operating & maintenance manual
Weight87 lb (air)
68 lb (water)
15 station
Dimensions10 1/4” W x 22” L x 8 3/4” H
Features15 NG directional control valves, capable of proportional pressure control on 10 stations
Transducers integrated to monitor supply, return and ambient pressure
Clear lid for viewing Diagnostic’s LED’s Isolated RS232 circuit
Customizable software and valve configurations 30 #4 JIC A/B Outputs; #12 JIC P/T Inputs; Filter included
RequirementsPower and Communications: 24 VDC @ 6 amps, RS232 Hydraulic: 3,000 psi @ 20 gpm max