Diver Hydraulic Impact Wrench IW12

  • Torque Tools

Underwater Impact Wrench IW12 is a 3⁄4" square drive tool with adjustable impact intensity from 340-1632Nm. Stanley Impact Wrenches can be operated over wide flow ranges, in the case of the IW12, 15-45lpm.

  • Hand held tool designed for use by a diver or configured for ROV
  • Various sockets available for purchase
  • Provides exceptional output torque from a compact & lightweight tool

What's In The Box

1.5M tool whips supplied with unit

Industry standard ¾ wing type hydraulic connector

Operating manual

Capacity¾ " Square Drive
Torque340 - 1630 Nm
Flow15 - 45 l/min
Optimum Flow30 l/min
Pressure70 - 140 Bar
Weight6 Kg 
Length240 mm
Width102 mm
Porting8 SAE