Dual Fluid HPU

  • Surface Equipment

Seanic has designed and built a new Hydraulic Power Unit that is very unique. The use of a check ball pump and an electric motor was the difference between a standard oil HPU that can’t pump the water glycol and the air driven pumps usually used in this application.


The Dual Fluid HPU can deliver 10k and 5gpm of either water glycol or traditional mineral based oils. This unit was built to fill a demand for both hyperbaric chamber testing of ROV tooling as well as providing constant volume flow for high pressure water glycol applications.

What's In The Box

  • Operating & maintenance manual
Specifications10,000 PSI @ 5 GPM
2-20 Gallon Reservoirs
4 Point Lifting Slings and Fork Pockets
230/460v/60Hz Electric Motor
Dimensions76 x 56 x 86
3800 lbs