17 H/D Hot Stabs and Receptacles

  • Stabs, Manifolds & Panels

The new bi directional flow excluder design keeps seawater out and hydraulic oil in. The purpose is to not contaminate the ROV hydraulic system with water and not have an environmental release of hydraulic oil into the ocean. The design does not impede flow or limit pressure ratings and can be made in single, dual or quad port configurations of 17H Type A or Type B.

  • Pressure ranges available from 5,000-20,000 psi on all models
  • Can be configured with multiple port sizes and fitting types
  • Stabs and manifolds conform to API 17D or API 17H (ISO 13628-8)

What's In The Box

  • Operating & maintenance manual
Handles316 SS
BodiesXylan coated Nitronic 60
Female ReceptaclesNitronic 50
Nose TipsNi-Al-Brz
Fittings & Fasteners316 SS
O-rings90 Durometer HNBR