ROV Chain Caliper

  • Measurement

Designed to measure one chain link ranging from 600mm to 1100mm. Fitted dampened D-handle.

  • Can be supplied with a range of go-no go gauges for interlink and diameter measurement

What's In The Box

Calibration certificate

Verification bars

Subsea display and associated connectors

4M hose whips

Operating manual

Range600‐1100 mm
Tool Accuracy+/‐ 0.3 mm
Weight in Air42 kg
Weight in Water34 kg
ROV Handle Fish tail and Oceaneering flex joint
Max Pressure30 bar
Max Force0.4 Te
Hydraulic Interface 4 JIC or ¼ Swagelok, 4m hose
Instrument Interface Supplied with Micro Subconn c/w voltage network
Chain link length875 +/‐ 22 mm
Chain diameter125 +/‐ 6 mm