Subsea Sample Bottle Assembly

  • Measurement

The Seanic Standard Sample Bottle system is a safe, simple and effective tool for gathering subsea samples. Custom configurations and interchangeable collection interfaces makes it the right choice for subsea sampling.


The Subsea Sample Bottle Assembly is used to collect samples of gas bubbles/fluid from on or near the sea floor. It uses differential pressure to create a vacuum which will allow the gas bubbles/ fluid samples to be captured in the sample bottle subsea, and is not intended to identify the cause of or source of the gas bubbles/fluid at the operation site, only to collect samples in a safe and easy way for future analysis.

What's In The Box

  • Sample bottle assembly
  • ROV handle
  • Various relief valve springs
  • Spare funnel
  • Spare flex hose
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials316 SS valve and fittings
Aluminum sample bottle
Flexible PVC collection tube
Bottle CapacityCompressed gas: 77.7 cu-ft/2.2cu.m
Water: 2.93 gal/11.1 L
Pressure: 3000 psi