250KIP Lockout Tool, Type B

  • Intervention Tools

Seanic has designed and manufactured an API 17H Type B Interface Lockout Tool for use in all standard API 17H Type B linear interfaces. This Tool is capable of locking out 250,000 lbf exceeding API 17H standard override force of 167,500 lbf. Lock out length is customizable by changing lockout shaft lengths.


This tool is specifically engineered, designed and tested for long term subsea use with materials not subject to stress corrosion cracking. Tool locks shaft at predefined length that is adjustable by installing different shaft lengths. Tool can be delivered with Type A and C Interfaces, however override force may need to be de-rated based on mating interfaces limits. Contingency features for dismantling locking mechanism and allow shaft to be moved manually to unlock position. Markings for indication of shaft position and locking mechanism position.

What's In the Box

  • Various shaft lengths (if required)
  • Spares kit
  • Operating & maintenance manual

MaterialsXM-19 High Strength SS
NACE 718 Inconel
316 SSTL ROV Handles
316 SSTL Hardware
Linear Force Range0-250,000 lbf
Weight250 lbs/114 kg (air)
218 lbs/99 kg (water)