AX / VX Gasket Removal / Install Tool

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Seanic Ocean Systems has designed and manufactured a variety of ring gasket removal and installation tooling that boasts a rugged yet lightweight design to perform under the conditions of the deep sea environment. In addition to the standard configurations currently in stock, we have engineered and manufactured custom Max-8 and Max-14 gasket removal and replacement tool designs that require side entry to the wellhead (2” and 4” AX).


Rugged, Lightweight Design - This tool can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of industry standards or custom gasket sizes.

Reliable Removal and Installation - Our gasket removal and installation tool, designed to be positioned by the ROV manipulator, efficiently and reliably replaces standard 18 3⁄4-inch AX and VX style gaskets.

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Construction - The tool is manufactured using 100% corrosion- resistant alloys, ensuring resistance to corrosion damage and years of dependable subsea operation.

What's In The Box

  • AX/VX Tool
  • #4 Size Hose (2)
  • Spare Grip Tape
  • Operating & Maintenance Manual
MaterialsStainless steel
Weight (Air)Weight (Water)
18 ¾”61 lbs54 lbs
16 ¾”56 lbs48 lbs
15”50 lbs42 lbs