Linear Valve Override Tool - LVOT / LAOT

  • Intervention Tools

Seanic Ocean Systems manufactures API 17D and API 17H (ISO 13628-8) Linear Override and Linear Lockout Tools for all type trees and manifolds produced by major equipment suppliers. The API 17H tools can be obtained in the type A, B or C option or they can be designed to efficiently switch back and forth between all three. Each tool is hydraulically actuated and can be hydraulic or mechanically locked. They also come with the intensifier panels necessary for operation. All tools are made of corrosion resistant materials and are designed to be as lightweight as possible given the extreme loads these tools undertake. Seanic applies its tried and true philosophy of building “Simple, Rugged and Reliable” tools for the ROV industry to all of our equipment.


The LVOT and lockouts are designed to be deployed through ROV intervention. Custom lockout positions are available. In addition to the LVOT, three different size lockouts are supplied to lock the linearly actuated valve at the 2-inch, 5-inch and 7-inch positions. The LVOT and lockouts are designed to be deployed through ROV intervention.

What's In The Box?

  • Type A, B and C heads
  • Intensifier panels
  • Lockouts (as needed)
  • Spares
  • Hoses

Weight300 lbs / 136 kg (air)
25 lbs / 116 kg (water)
Maximum Pressure3000 psi (rod side)
9115 psi (piston side)
Stroke13 inches
Fail SafeSpring retracts plunger
Maximum Force170,000 lbs
InterfaceSpring return retracts plunger