GL4 Regan Latch Release Tool

  • Intervention Tools

Seanic Ocean Systems manufactures a GL4 Regan Latch Release Tool for the disconnection and removal of subsea guideposts. The damaged or non-functional guidepost can then be retrieved to the surface along existing guide wires.


Our GL4 Regan Latch Release Tool, designed to be held in the ROV manipulator, enables an ROV to mechanically attach to the top of a guidepost and enable its removal using hydraulic power to compress and disengage the latching mechanism that holds the guidepost in place. The GL4 Regan Latch Release Tool’s hydraulic supply can be either plumbed directly to the ROV, or supplied in the form of a hot stab attachment.

What's In The Box

  • Spares kit
  • Hoses
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials316 L SS, carbon steel or aluminium
Output3,000 psi @ 2 gpm
Release Force18,000 lbs
Weight35 lbs / 16 kg (air)
28 lbs / 13 kg (water)