50 Litre AER System

  • Intervention Tools

Designed to supply hydraulic power under black ship situation. Supported via independent HPU.

  • Intensified pressure up to 630 bar with a 50 litre accumulator capacity allowing the emergency actuation of cutters via stored energy

What's In The Box

Operating manual

Test certificate

Deck hoses and QDS

Hydraulic Supply35 l/min at 275 bar max
Accumulator Capacity50 litres
Charge Pressure275 bar
Pre‐Charge Gas Pressure140 bar
Available fluid capacity at above conditions20 litres
Max Outlet Pressure 630 bar, with intensifier4:1 ratio
FrameWelded steel channel stand, 4 pad eye lift point
Dimensions700 x 700 x 2300 mm L
Weight500 kg Gross
CertificationFull certification package for hose test, MPI, slings, shackles and load test