Super Grinder

  • Cutting & Drilling

The Seanic Ocean Systems Super Grinder is a powerful tool for cutting materials of up to six inches in thickness. Aside from the standard fiber abrasive blade, the super grinder can operate with blade options including carbide tooth, carbide brazed, and re-rescue grade blades to suit the most demanding of subsea cutting needs.


Removable and Replaceable Blades - Powered by a commonly used and industry-accepted thruster motor, our Super Grinder features removable and replaceable blades to best suit the task at hand.

Custom Size Options - Our standard 20-inch blade is in stock, and can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 6-30 inches, in addition to custom diameters according to project specifications.

Rigorously Tested -  This rugged and rigorously tested tool is used for decommissioning, storm repair and recovery and for cutting and removal of jumpers and umbilicals to the surface.

What's In The Box

  • #8 JIC hose (3)
  • Spare abrasive blades (15)
  • Diamond blades (upon request)
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials316 SS frame, shroud and hardware
Painted aluminum housing
17-4 drive shaft
Fiber abrasive grinding wheel
Stainless steel
Oil of opportunity
Motor requires A & B connection with #8 JIC
Case drain requires C connection with #10 JIC
Requires open center directional flow valve (1)
Weight120 lbs/54 kg (air)
100 lbs/45 kg (water)
Operating PressuresMax operation pressure: 3,000 psi
Max flow rate: 20 gpm