Flex Joint Cleaning Tool

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The flex joint cleaning tool was designed to clamp around steel catenary risers with pipeline diameters ranging from 6 to 24 inches. The tool is operated by a Seanic technician through the use of a joystick and tooling computer with GUI interface inside the ROV control van.


The unique deployment system of the tool allows it to be used on any industry recognized work class ROV. The tool is designed with interchangeable tool trays, which provide the option to work with various inspection cameras, lasers, temperature probes and cleaning tools. The purpose of the tool is to thoroughly clean the underside of the flex joint by removing excessive marine growth from the elastomer, allowing for optimal inspection.

What's In The Box

  • Operating & maintenance manual

Approximate Weight800 lbs/363 kg (air)
-20 lbs/9 kg (water)
Hydraulic Requirements10 gpmat 3000 psi
Four Open-center Directional Control Valves
MovementRotates 190° to 260° in either direction
Brush pole moves up and down and tilts forward and backward to reach corners/transition areas
Transit tray moves pole closer to or away from the riser