Wellhead Bore Brush Tool

  • Cleaning Tools

Seanic Ocean Systems has designed and manufactured the Wellhead Bore Brush Tool. A unique tool for the removal of fouling and marine growth from wellhead bores to minimise operational risks.


The Wellhead Bore Brush Tool features replaceable brushes, adjustable brush head to ensure proper engagement with the wellhead, and extension shafts to reach desired bore depths. The tool also features a cam and groove hose connection for supplying cleaning solution and flushing out debris removed during cleaning. Two locking pins secure the tool on the wellhead during cleaning operation. The tool is torque tool operated (Class 4, 1.5"sq. drive), and is available to fit customer requested wellhead bore sizes.

What's In The Box

  • Drive shaft extensions & shaft coupler
  • Spare brushes
  • Spare hardware
  • Operating & maintenance manual

MaterialsAluminum body and drive shaft
Stainless stel handle, end effector and shaft coupler
Nickle aluminum-bronze torque receptacle
HDPE nose cone and landing plate
Nylon brush
Weight200 lbs. / 91 kg (air)
110 lbs. / 50 kg (water)
Dimensions67" W x 37" D x 50" H (Without Extension)
67" W x 37" D x 73" H (With 22 - 1/4" Extension)
67" W x 37" D x 96" H (With 45-1/4" Extension)