ROV Mounted ECB Pump

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Houston, Texas- Seanic has developed a unique subsea water blasting system (ECB) that incorporates cavitation technology capable of being used with most work class ROV’s.

The ECB pump was built to solve an industry wide problem, where traditional 5K pressure washers are extremely inefficient for cleaning heavy marine growth and 10K pressure washers could potentially damage sensitive materials such as rubber, paint or anti-fouling coatings. The ECB pump is extremely efficient and powerful in the removal of marine growth from vessel hulls, strakes, risers, fairings and moorings, saving operators time and money.

Andy Guinn, VP of Operations said, “We have been consistently satisfied with the performance of the pumps. To date, our fleets of models are being used on diverse cleaning campaigns throughout the GOM. I am also excited to report that our rental partner, Ashtead Technologies, has several units working in SEA/Australia, as a result of the success in the GOM.”

About Seanic Ocean Systems
Seanic Ocean Systems is based in Houston, Texas and was formed to address the growing demand for simple, rugged and reliable subsea tooling for remote intervention. Our ability to provide innovative solutions for remote problems comes from our employees’ years of experience in the subsea industry. Along with engineered solutions, Seanic also offers experience in the design, manufacturing, storage, repair and maintenance of subsea products. Seanic provides a worldwide standard product line of ROV tooling that includes: torque tools, FLOT’s, standard and zero leak hot stabs, manifolds, buckets, and ROV interface panels. Seanic’s facility is ideally suited to provide an effective team-based environment for meeting customer’s needs. We welcome you to learn more about Seanic Ocean Systems’ services and products and ask you to visit our website at:

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