A full-service test tank is available at our facility in Katy, TX (near Houston, TX). Our new state-of-the-art tank lets you trial your products in a controlled underwater environment in a cost-effective manner.

Our tank (50 ft/15 m square x 30 ft/9 m deep) can wet test a full-size subsea tree while allowing a work class ROV access from all sides. With a reinforced concrete base 3 ft (0.9m) thick, you can test heavy items of up to 2000lbs/907 kg per sq ft (9765 kg per sq m).

  • seanic-icons-testtank-03.svg#asset:40061

    50ft x 30ft

    Deep tank

  • seanic-icons-testtank-04.svg#asset:40062


    Reinforced thick base

  • seanic-icons-testtank-05.svg#asset:40063

    2000lbs/sq ft

    Test heavy items

Extensive Project Support

One of our experienced Project Managers will be on hand to help in the detailed planning of all aspects of your project including, but not limited to:

  • Mobilization/Demobilization
  • Safety planning
  • Projects schedules
  • Engineering or fabrication support
  • Additional materials
  • Other products or services required
Key Features
  • Easy access via several major freeways
  • Convenient location
  • Dedicated conference and office facilities
  • Communications/data connectivity to conference facilities and crew
  • Operations recorded in HD and video provided to client
  • 2000 lbs/sq ft weight limit on test tank floor
  • 10T overhead crane
  • Space for additional, larger crane, if required
  • Large size 50’ x 50’ x 30’D
  • Support hardware such as HPU’s and ROV tools available on-site
  • Fabrication facilities available on-site
  • 24/7 access
  • Fenced and secure location

What We Offer

The Seanic pool is open for use by any company wishing to rent on a day-rate basis for many types of underwater testing they wish to conduct.

For further information or to reserve the tank, please contact us at info@seanicusa.com or +1 (713) 934-3100.