• Centurion Group
  • 29/05/2015

Seanic Announces Successful Testing of Electric Torque Tool

HOUSTON – Seanic Ocean Systems (Seanic) is pleased to announce the successful performance of its electric torque tool following field testing. The client, a major oil company in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, has reported highly accurate performance of the torque tool and innovative design features over the course of several jobs.

Seanic’s electric torque tool, operated with rotary power provided by an electric motor, eliminates the need for a hydraulic supply provided by an ROV, Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) or intelligent valve pack. Designed for both subsea and surface applications requiring up to 2,000 ft. lbs of torque, the tool features highly accurate torque feedback, fully automated electro/hydraulic-actuated latches, and maintains consistent performance and accuracy regardless of temperature and pressure fluctuations. The electric torque tool is comparable in size to a standard hydraulic torque tool.

During testing, the tool provided convenience and efficiency in its ability to be operated without restarting the hydraulic systems on the vehicles. The tool has also proven to be cost-effective during onshore testing, as it does not need a 480V HPU.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that this new tool and its associated technologies are creating,” stated Andy Guinn, Vice President of Operations at Seanic. “This torque tool is a great example of Seanic’s reputation for meeting client expectations through engineered solutions.”

Seanic’s Norwegian partner, Envirent, added that they are “pleased with the opportunity to offer a new and innovative tool to the Norwegian market.

“With increased activity in Norway (Barents Sea), we recognize our new and existing customers are demanding environmentally-friendly solutions.  We are happy to offer them this fully-electric torque tool as it meets their expectations by eliminating a hydraulic leak path.”

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