Corporate Headquarters

Welcome to the new Seanic Ocean Systems corporate headquarters in Katy, Texas just west of Houston. Completed in 2016, Seanic introduced the state-of-the-art facility to meet the evolving needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. The facility is located on 10.5 acres equipped with a 55,000 square foot building and in-ground wet test tank. Seanic’s facility also features a dedicated welding fabrication shop, two story administration space, an expansive shop to accommodate operations, overhead cranes, customer storage, testing, and assembly. Seanic Ocean Systems' qualified personnel, along with our thoroughly equipped facility, provides an effective work environment for services such as specialty welding, IMR, testing and integration (FAT/SIT), remote intervention engineering, onshore and offshore support, and engineered solutions.

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Enhanced Welding Capabilities

Our expansive welding capabilities enables Seanic to design and build custom subsea hardware that will interface with our tools. Critical to our tooling design and development process, these new welding facilities will also allow Seanic to produce hardware solutions necessary for optimal subsea structure performance. Not only do we understand subsea tooling, but the hardware it connects with as well.

Client Collaboration Space

Our expanded administration space grants us access to multiple conference rooms and gathering spaces vital to the collaborative process for our custom engineered solutions clients. We also understand that clients may need some space of their own when working at our campus on unique, time-sensitive projects. This is why we have dedicated a portion of our new office to support client administrative needs. Our team approach to proactively solving the needs of our clients often demands that we pool the combined talents, expertise, and experience of Seanic’s employees with our clients all in one place. Seanic’s team stands ready to provide you and your project with a customized engineered solution you won’t find anywhere else.

Expansive Storage

Whether purchased from Seanic or another provider, Seanic’s shop space also offers an expanded tool pool and storage area for those clients who may not have the capacity to store and maintain their own equipment. Our employees maintain an accurate inventory and a thorough maintenance program to ensure that when the time comes, your stored equipment is operational and available. A large, stabilized yard space will also afford clients the ability to store larger pieces of equipment on Seanic’s grounds. Clients who store their assets with Seanic can rest assured that our team understands the needs of a demanding industry that often requires equipment at a moment’s notice.

Advanced Testing Facilities

Seanic’s new facility offers increased manufacturing and testing capabilities. Our factory accepted testing expertise provides clients with the knowledge that their purchase meets all required specifications while our system integration tests certify that all the complex components of tooling and hardware work together properly. The 50’x50’x30’ in-ground wet test tank allows for enhanced ROV and system integration testing as well. This new testing tank enables Seanic to accommodate easier and safer operational access while multiple camera angles will provide clients with a dynamic, real-time viewing experience. Ensuring that your solutions are built right the first time, every time is Seanic’s commitment to you.

We are committed to safety.

We believe that all incidents are preventable and that safety is everyone’s responsibility. With industry-tested processes, Seanic Ocean Systems has developed a safety-centric culture that permeates all levels of our organization.