Onshore ROV Tooling Technician

Job Summary: 35 – 40 hrs/wk

The Shop Technician works in the Seanic shops and at customer or vendor sites performing assembly and test functions on hydraulic and mechanical subsea, or subsea related, systems.

Responsibilities/daily tasks

The Shop Technician performs complex assembly and test of hydraulic systems and mechanical systems. The Shop Technician will frequently be involved in customer service or support of Seanic manufactured equipment or other equipment and systems. Short notice travel to both onshore and offshore sites will be required. The Shop Technician will be responsible for general shop cleanliness and plant maintenance as may be required on a daily or periodic basis. The Shop Technician will be required to pick up and deliver to local shops as needed.


The Shop Technician will have a strong technical background in hydraulic and mechanical subsea systems and adequate supporting education, a strong supporting work ethic and demonstrable technical skills are mandatory.

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